Which Match Was Logan Paul's Proudest WWE Moment?

Logan Paul Reflects on Meteoric Rise in WWE Universe

by Noman Rasool
Which Match Was Logan Paul's Proudest WWE Moment?
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In an awe-inspiring ascent within the WWE realm, Logan Paul, YouTube sensation turned pro wrestler, ardently reflects on his journey from a debutant at WrestleMania 38 to standing toe-to-toe with Roman Reigns, creating a spectacle that resonates as his "proudest WWE moment."

Paul's introduction to WWE audiences came with a blend of triumph and betrayal during WrestleMania 38, where he, alongside The Miz, clinched victory against Dominik and Rey Mysterio. Post-match antics saw Miz stunningly turn against him, a maneuver that entrenched a vengeful narrative when Paul inked a multi-year deal with WWE later in 2022, spotlighting Miz as his premier adversary. Their enmity reached a boiling point at SummerSlam, witnessing Paul emerging victorious amidst a sea of fans and critics who were steadily becoming admirers of his wrestling prowess.

The burgeoning respect for Paul within the wrestling community and amongst its connoisseurs was palpable. His adept adaptation to pro wrestling bestowed WWE executives the confidence to propel him into a monumental opportunity, a faceoff with Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Championship at Crown Jewel.

Paul's Grateful Reflection

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, an effervescent Logan Paul expressed his heartfelt gratitude and intrinsic motivation related to the pinnacle match against Reigns.

“That’s my proudest performance in WWE. My third match in total and only my second singles bout. To be trusted by Triple H and the executives to face the face of the organization, to headline an event in Saudi Arabia, was beyond my wildest expectations," expressed Paul.

Paul’s commitment to perfection, possibly verging on over-preparation, fortuitously translated into a performance that not only lived up to, but arguably exceeded expectations. He ardently hopes to once again cross paths with Reigns in the squared circle.

"I was incredibly enthusiastic to carve my own path as a wrestler and, therefore, might have overprepared for that match. It paid off,” Paul elaborates. “My hope is that this match ages gracefully, and maybe, just maybe, Roman and I can run it back. He’s incredibly talented."

Logan Paul