Why Does Bianca Belair Craft Her Own Ring Gear?


Why Does Bianca Belair Craft Her Own Ring Gear?
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In just over three years since her debut on WWE's main stage, Bianca Belair has definitively proven herself as one of the preeminent female superstars in professional wrestling. Her meteoric ascent began with a groundbreaking victory at the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble, setting the stage for an historic WrestleMania 37 showdown.

There, she bested Sasha Banks to claim the SmackDown Women's Championship in an epochal Night One main event — the first WrestleMania headline match to spotlight two black women. Fast-forward to WrestleMania 38, and Belair toppled Becky Lynch, ending a long-standing title reign and becoming the Raw Women’s Champion for the first time.

Remarkably, she held the title for an astonishing 419 days, punctuated by a WrestleMania 39 triumph over Asuka.

Belair's Creative Ring Gear

What's the secret to Belair's captivating presence, both in and out of the ring? In a recent conversation with UPROXX, the two-time champion revealed that her unique, handcrafted ring gear plays a role.

"When I started my wrestling journey, I reached out to several gear makers. I’m a tactile and creative individual, but translating my vision to someone else was a challenge," she explained. "My husband gifted me my first sewing machine back in 2016 when I was in NXT.

I took to YouTube, mastered the basics, and since then, it’s been a series of trials and successes. My first pair of pants? I've kept them as a reminder — although they never saw the ring because they likely would've torn," Belair chuckled.

As for her favorite wrestling ensemble? The outfit she donned at WrestleMania 38 stands out. "That was a pivotal moment for me, where I stepped out of my comfort zone in terms of design," she confessed. "I even collaborated with a young fan who had an eye-catching design, hoping to encourage their budding talent." Belair's dedication to her craft — both the physicality of wrestling and the artistry of her appearance — speaks volumes about her commitment to the sport and her fans. And given her rapid rise and sustained success, the sky is the limit for this multi-talented WWE superstar.

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