Is Nick Aldis Finally Joining WWE? The Wrestler Speaks Out

Nick Aldis opens up about his backstage work with WWE.

by Noman Rasool
Is Nick Aldis Finally Joining WWE? The Wrestler Speaks Out
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In a surprising development for wrestling fans, Nick Aldis, a heavyweight champion of both the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and TNA/Impact Wrestling, has revealed that he's been working closely with WWE. Although Aldis hasn't made a WWE in-ring appearance yet, he has been a producer for the entertainment behemoth since August.

Aldis, 36, has been contributing his skills backstage, orchestrating matches for WWE's flagship shows, Raw and Smackdown. Other seasoned producers are mentoring the British wrestling stalwart, but he's also had the opportunity to lead matches aired during WWE's Main Event.

Aldis Confirms WWE Role

In a recent interview with the "McGuire On Wrestling" podcast, Aldis was optimistic about his ongoing collaboration with WWE. "I think it's safe to say I'm working with WWE. It's been very positive and rewarding, particularly in mentoring emerging talent from NXT," said Aldis.

Although he's still in his prime wrestling years—his 37th birthday is around the corner in November—he's focused on honing his producing skills rather than preparing for an in-ring WWE debut. Despite his commitment to WWE, Aldis maintains a busy calendar, which includes independent wrestling appearances and personal obligations.

His schedule is further complicated by his wife, Mickie James, a WWE legend who works for IMPACT Wrestling. Aldis spoke candidly about juggling his responsibilities, "WWE has been accommodating of my schedule. There've been instances when I couldn't make it to shows due to prior independent bookings and family commitments, but it's all part of the challenge." That question remains unanswered for fans curious about whether Aldis will switch gears to wrestle in WWE.

Currently, WWE seems content utilizing Aldis' expertise in a producer role. As Aldis continues to prove himself invaluable behind the scenes, wrestling enthusiasts wonder if this relationship will evolve into an in-ring appearance.

Nick Aldis' collaboration with WWE adds another intriguing layer to his storied career. His work sets the stage for WWE's upcoming talents and potentially for himself. Whether or not we see Aldis in a WWE ring, his impact on the industry is already being felt.

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