Ric Flair Names Trio of WWE Stars Who've Ignited Fan Frenzy


Ric Flair Names Trio of WWE Stars Who've Ignited Fan Frenzy
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Wrestling icon Ric Flair, commonly known as the "Nature Boy," recently sat down for an insightful conversation with Chris Van Vliet on "Insight," where he shared his thoughts on the most electrifying performers in professional wrestling history.

According to Flair, only three superstars have managed to create an unparalleled uproar from fans: Hulk Hogan, Kerry Von Erich, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. "In my lifetime, only three men have ever generated a fan reaction so powerful, it could only be described as frenzied.

Those are Hulk Hogan, Kerry Von Erich, and Steve Austin when that glass shatters," Flair revealed. Each of these legends possesses an unparalleled charisma that resonates deeply with the wrestling community, a testament to their lasting impact on the sport.

Flair's Humble Admission

Flair, despite his own magnetic persona, admits he doesn't quite make the cut, primarily because he's mostly played the role of a heel. "I was never the guy who got the crowd on their feet like they did, mainly because I've been the villain most of my career," he acknowledged.

But the Nature Boy doesn't stop there. He also gives an honorable mention to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. While Flair concedes that The Rock's wrestling tenure wasn't as long-lived as the others, he applauds the "People's Champion" for his unparalleled charisma and the unique aura he brings into the ring.

"The Rock could've easily been on that list. His personality and the way he carries himself are in a league of their own," Flair lauded. Reflecting on The Rock's recent WWE comeback, Flair couldn't contain his admiration. "Watching him the other night was a reminder of his magnetic presence.

When you kick off a show with The Rock, you've set an almost unreachable bar, no matter who follows," he asserted. According to Flair, The Rock's decision to transition to Hollywood was always part of his greater ambitions, which makes his wrestling contributions even more special.

Flair's insights offer a unique look into what makes a wrestler truly captivating, drawing from his decades-long experience in the ring and as a keen observer of the sport. While many wrestlers have come and gone, only a select few leave an indelible imprint on the fans and the industry itself, transcending into what Flair calls "a frenzy." If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" with an H/T to Wrestling-World for the transcription.

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