Ex-WWE IC Champ Calls Triple H a 'Liar,' Says He's 'Below' Vince McMahon


Ex-WWE IC Champ Calls Triple H a 'Liar,' Says He's 'Below' Vince McMahon
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In a surprising turn of events, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback has taken to his Ryback TV YouTube channel to voice strong opinions about Triple H, WWE's current Chief Content Officer. Triple H, who replaced Vince McMahon as the company's creative linchpin in July 2022, has been sharply criticized by the wrestling veteran for being "so far below" his iconic father-in-law.

Ryback, whose real name is Ryan Allen Reeves, ran with WWE from 2004 until 2016. Despite being a fan of Triple H during his youth, Ryback candidly revealed that his professional relationship with the 14-time world champion was fraught with issues.

He asserted, "Let me set the record straight—Hunter [Triple H] is no Vince McMahon. In many ways, Vince is easier to work with. But Hunter? He's adept at deception. Whenever he's lying, his voice pitches up; it's a telltale sign." The comments starkly contrast Triple H's widely perceived role as the bridge between WWE's past and future.

Ryback's WWE Exit

The circumstances around Ryback's departure from WWE also serve as a backdrop to his criticism. His contract ended on August 8, 2016, and although McMahon was keen on retaining him, Ryback opted to exit the company after turning down a new offer.

Looking back on a critical moment of discord, Ryback recounted an episode of RAW aired on February 8, 2016, featuring a match between him and Bray Wyatt. Initially slated to last less than a minute, Ryback intervened, and the match ran for seven minutes instead.

He recalls confronting Triple H backstage, stating, "I dismantled his arguments point by point, and then told him that he's been the biggest letdown of my career. I told him this, looking him straight in the eye." Ryback has since amassed a following of 440k YouTube subscribers and launched his own Feed Me More Nutrition supplement line.

He's also planning a wrestling comeback after recovering from a prolonged shoulder injury. This contentious reveal adds another layer of complexity to the WWE backstage narrative, and it remains to be seen how it might affect Triple H's standing within the wrestling community.

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