Former WWE Wrestler Admits Company Culture 'Not a Fit'


Former WWE Wrestler Admits Company Culture 'Not a Fit'
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Former WWE Superstar Lacey Evans, now rebranded as Macey Estrella, confirmed her departure from the wrestling giant in a recent interview with Teddy Long and Mac Davis. Evans candidly opened up about her decision to walk away, citing a disconnect with the company's competitive culture and prioritizing her family's needs over career advancement in WWE.

As early as mid-August, fans suspected Evans' WWE exit was imminent, noticing subtle changes to her social media handles. On August 15, Evans took to Instagram to announce she would be adopting her new name, Macey Estrella, signaling that her WWE contract was nearing its end.

Upon contract expiration, Estrella quickly channelled her entrepreneurial spirit by launching her own adult content website, akin to fellow ex-WWE star Mandy Rose. Her decision to do so was motivated by a desire to focus on business and family, diverging from the mainstream path commonly followed by WWE talent.

Family Over Fame

Estrella clarified that her decision to leave wasn't due to an inability to handle the pressure but rather stemmed from personal preferences and life goals. “The WWE lifestyle wasn’t for me. I've been with WWE for seven years, built a comfortable financial cushion, and focused on my family's future," she said.

She went on to add that her priorities were fundamentally different from those of her wrestling colleagues, emphasizing the importance of her familial commitments over fame and fortune. "I entered WWE already successful, with investment properties and a thriving business.

I took a pay cut just to use WWE as a platform to positively impact my community,” Estrella continued. “My life doesn't revolve around chasing titles or gaining celebrity status; it's about caring for my family, which is my ultimate championship”.

Estrella also affirmed that she holds no grudges against WWE. She appreciates the opportunities it provided but found that her life goals did not align with the wrestling entertainment industry's objectives. Her final appearance in a WWE ring was in a non-televised dark match prior to the July 7 edition of SmackDown, where she faced off against Zelina Vega.

With a life already rich in accomplishments and a close-knit family, Macey Estrella's departure from WWE seems less like a retirement and more like the beginning of a new chapter in her diverse and evolving career.

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