WWE Veteran Questions LA Knight Waning Popularity Post-SmackDown


WWE Veteran Questions LA Knight Waning Popularity Post-SmackDown
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In a surprising turn of events, seasoned WWE manager Dutch Mantell expressed reservations about the momentum LA Knight has been carrying since his recent appearance on SmackDown. Coming fresh off a monumental weekend where he partnered with none other than John Cena at Fastlane, LA Knight seemed to be riding a wave of fan excitement.

The duo's stellar performance against Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso culminated in Knight landing a spectacular BFT, sealing the victory for their team. However, Mantell noticed a perceptible dip in enthusiasm surrounding LA Knight on this week's episode of Smack Talk.

While he praised Knight's in-ring skills, especially during the main event showdown against Solo Sikoa, Mantell observed, "The crowd was not as fired up for LA Knight as I anticipated. He seemed to have lost a bit of his mojo.

You could even see him mouthing words at one point, almost like a silent plea for crowd involvement. Despite this, the match quality was unquestionably high."

Mantell Praises WWE

Mantell also commend WWE for its creative options, explicitly highlighting the abundance of storylines that could be spun around Roman Reigns.

He stated, "WWE is at a juncture where they have multiple avenues to explore. Everything is on the table, from windows of opportunity to a plethora of doors to kick open. As long as the narratives are coherent, success is more or less guaranteed." To stir the pot even further, this week's SmackDown ended with a compelling angle: Roman Reigns, The Tribal Chief, left LA Knight lying in the ring, insinuating the onset of a new, intense rivalry.

Reign's interaction with former foe Cody Rhodes earlier in the show has also fueled speculation. WWE fans will be closely watching how the intricate web of The Bloodline saga continues to unravel, especially as significant events like Crown Jewel and Survivor Series loom large on the horizon.

All these insights reflect a landscape ripe for compelling storylines and fresh matchups. Whether LA Knight will regain his lost momentum and what role he will play in WWE's ambitious plans remains a crazy topic.

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