FTR's Title Loss: CM Punk's Departure and Trademark Surprises

Unexpected Tag Team Upset Sends Shockwaves Through Wrestling Community

by Noman Rasool
FTR's Title Loss: CM Punk's Departure and Trademark Surprises
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In a surprising turn of events, FTR has lost their tag team championship, leaving the wrestling world in speculation about the future of this renowned duo. In a swift and decisive match, Big Bill and Ricky Starks managed to secure victory over FTR in less than five minutes.

What's even more intriguing is that it was Dax Harwood who bore the brunt of the offense, raising questions about the dynamics within the team. With the recent departure of CM Punk from the company, many fans were left wondering about the implications of this loss for FTR.

However, sources indicate that despite this setback, the relationship between FTR and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) remains stable. It's worth noting that FTR is under contract with AEW until approximately 2027, which suggests that the company still sees potential in this tag team.

Initially, there were discussions about a high-profile matchup between FTR and the Young Bucks at AEW Full Gear, but it seems that this bout is no longer on the cards. Surprisingly, Dax Harwood himself proposed the outcome of the recent match, indicating that the team is aligned with the decision.

FTR's Trademark Move

Intriguingly, there has been talk about the trademarking of the name "CMFTR" by Dax Harwood. While some eyebrows were raised at this move, sources clarify that FTR could potentially use this name outside of AEW, or even in promotions like New Japan Pro Wrestling.

It appears that FTR has been proactive in securing their intellectual property rights, a practice they adopted during their time in WWE. Concerns have also arisen regarding the health of Cash, as it appeared that he may have sustained an injury during a recent match at WrestleDream.

Reports indicate that he suffered rib injuries, but there is optimism that he won't be sidelined for an extended period. As the wrestling landscape continues to evolve, the loss by FTR and the developments surrounding their future have sparked intense speculation among fans and experts alike.

Wrestling enthusiasts will undoubtedly keep a close eye on FTR's journey as they navigate the ever-changing world of professional wrestling. Stay tuned for more updates on this captivating story.

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