Is Nick Aldis' SmackDown GM Role Backed by WWE Contract?

Unveiling a new face in WWE's managerial landscape.

by Atia Mukhtar
Is Nick Aldis' SmackDown GM Role Backed by WWE Contract?
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In a surprising turn of events that sent shockwaves through the professional wrestling community, former NWA World Champion Nick Aldis was unveiled as the new General Manager of WWE's "SmackDown" during its season premiere last Friday.

The announcement was made by none other than WWE's Chief Creative Officer, Paul "Triple H" Levesque, leaving fans and insiders abuzz about Aldis' contractual status with the company. For those unaware, Aldis initially joined WWE in a backstage producer role this past summer, essentially on a "trial-run" contract.

Sources close to Fightful have confirmed that this trial period has successfully concluded, and Aldis is now officially inked with WWE. Interestingly, during his tenure as a producer, Aldis maintained his free-agent status, participating in independent wrestling events.

His most recent match took place merely six days prior to his dramatic unveiling, at the ACW (Appalachian Championship Wrestling) Bluegrass Con event on October 7.

Nick Aldis Backstage Buzz

Colleagues backstage have been vocal in their praise for Aldis, hailing the former Impact Wrestling star as an eager, opportunistic, and congenial presence within the company.

The positive reception he's garnered among WWE talent speaks volumes about his potential impact in his new role. What adds another layer of intrigue to this appointment is that despite his two decades of in-ring experience, Aldis has never actually wrestled in a WWE ring.

With this new role, he takes over from Adam Pearce, who will be transitioning to the General Manager position at WWE's "Monday Night Raw." This reshuffle suggests intriguing dynamics and potential storylines in the months ahead.

It's worth noting that before Pearce took up his role, WWE had been considering bringing back MVP for the position. However, MVP opted for an on-screen managerial role, notably overseeing The Hurt Business. With Aldis now stepping into the spotlight, it raises questions about the long-term vision WWE has for both its talent and its executive roster.

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