Update: Kofi Kingston Reveals Big E's Health Status

Kofi Kingston weighs in on Big E's wrestling journey.

by Atia Mukhtar
Update: Kofi Kingston Reveals Big E's Health Status
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In a recent conversation with the Toronto Sun, Kofi Kingston, a key member of the New Day faction, offered an encouraging update about former WWE Champion Big E's ongoing neck injury recovery. While Big E had previously shared that he feels "100 percent" healed, Kingston confirmed that his fellow wrestler is not just physically stable but also in good spirits.

Remarkably, Big E had suffered fractures to both his C1 and C6 vertebrae but has avoided surgical intervention due to no misalignment issues. "He's really approaching a full recovery, not just in a physical sense but emotionally as well.

Living through a neck injury as significant as this one, where fractures occurred in two different areas, and coming out without needing surgery— it's miraculous," Kingston noted. "He's back to carrying out his daily activities and even weightlifting, a passion that significantly defines who he is."

Big E's Uncertain Future

Previously, at a press conference during WWE's SummerSlam event in August, Big E had disclosed that some medical professionals had advised him against ever stepping back into the ring.

This advisory left an air of uncertainty regarding his professional wrestling future. Yet, whatever the outcome, Kingston holds the view that Big E has already indelibly imprinted his legacy in the wrestling world as a multifaceted entertainer.

"Big E has that rare quality. He can terrify you one moment with his awe-inspiring physique and daunting presence and then effortlessly switch gears to bring joy and laughter," Kingston elaborated. "His versatility as a performer only cements his place in the annals of wrestling history." As fans eagerly await more news about Big E's potential return, the latest update offers a hopeful outlook.

Kingston's testimony not only corroborates Big E's earlier positive statements but adds a layer of optimism about his friend's overall well-being, both inside and outside the wrestling ring. These developments continue to generate anticipation and buzz among the WWE community, as supporters and insiders alike keep their eyes peeled for any signs pointing to Big E's much-awaited comeback.

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