Surprise Swap: New WWE Challenger for Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel 2023


Surprise Swap: New WWE Challenger for Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel 2023
Surprise Swap: New WWE Challenger for Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel 2023 © WWE/YouTube

WWE set the wrestling world abuzz after hinting at a showdown between LA Knight and Roman Reigns for the upcoming Crown Jewel 2023 during the season premiere of SmackDown. While this potential face-off has elicited many reactions from fans, recent developments suggest a dramatic twist could be in the works.

Speculation is mounting that WWE may script an unexpected turn of events leading to the Saudi Arabia extravaganza. The scenario envisions a Roman Reigns' Bloodline faction member incapacitating LA Knight, thereby placing the scheduled match in limbo.

This plot twist could open the door for John Cena to step in as Reigns' new challenger, returning the favour Knight had extended to him at Fastlane 2023.

John Cena's Plausible Save

Why might this angle be plausible? John Cena is already on the Crown Jewel 2023 event roster but is not slated for a specific about.

This scenario rescues the Reigns-Knight matchup and avoids undermining Knight's ongoing storyline. Furthermore, if Reigns were to defeat Cena, he would cement his reputation as SmackDown's new Greatest of All Time (GOAT). Recent reports indicate that WWE plans to elevate Reigns to unprecedented heights, setting records that future generations may find unattainable.

A victory over Cena at Crown Jewel could be a monumental first step in this long-term strategy. Additionally, LA Knight could maintain a presence by accompanying Cena to the ring, adding another layer of complexity and drama to the unfolding narrative.

Meanwhile, fans were initially disheartened when Cena informed Reigns that he had not yet "earned" the right to face him at Crown Jewel. Nevertheless, WWE's promotion confirms Cena will appear at the Saudi event. Rumours are circulating that Cena could face Bloodline member Solo Sikoa, a match that would effectively boost Sikoa's stock within WWE.

As the story continues to evolve on SmackDown, Cena could either confront Solo Sikoa or fill the void left by LA Knight to face Reigns. Either way, Cena's appearance in Saudi Arabia will surely elicit a thunderous reception, adding another memorable chapter to WWE's storied history.

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