Why LA Knight Upset Roman Reigns?

Tensions escalate between LA Knight and Roman Reigns post-match.

by Atia Mukhtar
Why LA Knight Upset Roman Reigns?
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In a stunning turn of events, LA Knight extracted a measure of revenge against Roman Reigns at a WWE live event, creating quite a buzz in the wrestling world. This showdown comes on the heels of Reigns leveling Knight with a Spear during last Friday's SmackDown episode.

LA Knight's ascension within the SmackDown brand has been nothing short of meteoric. Over the past few months, he has accrued significant wins against established talents such as The Miz. He also partnered with the iconic John Cena to secure a tag team victory over Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa at the Fastlane event just a week ago.

Friday's SmackDown opened with Cena, who was interrupted by the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The "Tribal Chief," fresh off a two-month hiatus, took umbrage at Cena being labeled the "Greatest Of All Time." Reigns asserted that he is more deserving of the accolade and issued a warning to Cena.

Cena retorted by introducing LA Knight as the new contender for Reigns' title.

Knight Challenges Reigns

Knight didn't hesitate to confront Reigns, who tried to shrug it off. However, Knight's main event victory over Solo Sikoa—thanks to an assist from Cena—compelled Reigns to take notice.

Despite Knight's win, Reigns delivered a Spear post-match, signaling that the battle was far from over. Fast-forward to the WWE live event at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Reigns, who rarely graces non-televised events, defended his title against former ally Sami Zayn.

Post-match, Reigns' cousins, Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso, attacked Zayn. LA Knight intervened, not just saving Zayn but also stunning Reigns with his finishing move, Blount Force Trauma (BFT). As it stands, though not yet official, speculation is rampant that a showdown between Roman Reigns and LA Knight is on the cards for the upcoming WWE Crown Jewel event on November 4th.

This recent turn of events has certainly set the stage for an electric match-up, which would undoubtedly be a marquee feature of the event.

This unfolding drama has fans and pundits alike eagerly awaiting what's next, showcasing how Knight's stock within WWE continues to rise.

With Knight seemingly positioned as the next big threat to Reigns, all eyes will be on the upcoming developments on SmackDown and beyond.

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