Why Is Ex-WWE Star Returning After 3 Years?

Chris Hero stages a captivating return to wrestling action.

by Atia Mukhtar
Why Is Ex-WWE Star Returning After 3 Years?
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In a surprising twist that has electrified wrestling fans, former WWE icon Chris Hero is making a monumental comeback to the ring after a hiatus of over three years. The exhilarating development unfolded at a West Coast Pro Wrestling event this past Saturday night.

Hero, who was last seen in WWE as Kassius Ohno, came to the rescue of JT Thorne, who had been on the receiving end of a brutal post-match assault by former NXT star Timothy Thatcher. In an adrenaline-pumping sequence, Hero managed to fend off Thatcher, only to find himself under attack moments later.

However, the seasoned wrestler held his ground, quickly turning the tables on Thatcher. Seizing the moment, Hero threw down a challenge for a one-on-one clash set for November 17 at West Coast Pro Wrestling’s highly anticipated 'Whiplash' event.

Hero's 2020 Exit

The last time Chris Hero stepped into the ring was in March 2020. Back then, he was a prominent figure in the NXT UK brand, known by his WWE moniker, Kassius Ohno. He made his last in-ring appearance as part of a battle royal to determine the next number one contender for the NXT UK Championship.

The bout ultimately saw Ilja Dragunov emerge victorious, who has since ascended to become the current NXT Champion. After his WWE exit, Chris Hero transitioned to a behind-the-scenes role, making waves in the wrestling circuit as a savvy strategist and producer.

Reports have recently surfaced suggesting that Hero has joined the AEW ranks as a producer, fueling speculation on whether his latest in-ring appearance is a precursor to a more permanent return. At 43, Chris Hero, a decorated two-time Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion, finds himself at a pivotal juncture in his wrestling journey.

His much-anticipated bout on November 17 poses significant questions about his long-term ambitions in the sport. This upcoming match offers an invaluable snapshot into the trajectory of Hero's wrestling career.