WWE Fans Rank Non-WrestleMania Event #1 in Enjoyment

Fans eagerly await two monumental WWE events on the horizon.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Fans Rank Non-WrestleMania Event #1 in Enjoyment
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WrestleMania may be WWE's crown jewel, often referred to as "The Grandest Stage of Them All," but recent data suggests that the WWE Universe has a different show that holds a special place in their hearts. A recent poll by Wrestling Inc., conducted on a platform formerly known as Twitter, reveals a staggering 84% of fans identify the Royal Rumble as their preferred Premium Live Event (PLE) aside from WrestleMania.

The Royal Rumble's unique format gives 30 male and 30 female wrestlers an opportunity not just for a WrestleMania berth but a coveted title shot. This annual contest has become a staple for surprise comebacks, frenzied in-ring sequences, and groundbreaking maneuvers to dodge elimination.

All of these elements coalesce to make Royal Rumble matches a focal point in WWE's yearly calendar. Moreover, the Royal Rumble traditionally signifies the kickoff of the most thrilling period in professional wrestling—The Road to WrestleMania.

While the Royal Rumble seized overwhelming favor, SummerSlam, dubbed "The Biggest Party of the Summer," trailed in second place, garnering 9% of the total votes. Money in the Bank followed closely, accounting for 5.1% of fan preference.

The poll also featured an "other" option, allowing for write-in candidates. Intriguingly, events like King of the Ring and Survivor Series—amplified last year with the WarGames match—also received noteworthy mentions.

Rumble 2024 Countdown

As anticipation builds over whether WWE will incorporate WarGames into this year's Survivor Series lineup, fans can already start their countdown to the 2024 Royal Rumble. Scheduled for January 27 at Tropicana Field in St.

Petersburg, Florida, the event promises to live up to its reputation as a fan-favorite spectacle. With these poll results in mind, WWE executives may very well take cues from their fanbase while strategizing future programming and live events.

Whether it's the Royal Rumble's unpredictability or the star-studded magnetism of WrestleMania, it's evident that WWE has successfully created events that resonate deeply with their audience. As the Royal Rumble looms closer, one can't help but ponder the surprises in store for WWE fans this coming year.