Why Did Vince McMahon Exit WWE Creative?


Why Did Vince McMahon Exit WWE Creative?
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In a significant shift within the WWE creative department, Vince McMahon and Paul "Triple H" Levesque have reportedly altered their roles. Sports Illustrated has reported that this organizational reshuffling comes in the wake of WWE's recent merger with UFC, resulting in the formation of TKO Group Holdings, following the completion of the sale to Endeavor.

Ari Emanuel, CEO of Endeavor, is the driving force behind this move. Emanuel's philosophy is for every individual in the company to focus exclusively on their designated roles. Vince McMahon, who previously had an extremely hands-on approach with WWE's TV products, has transitioned to serving as the Executive Chairman.

His primary responsibility now revolves around overseeing media rights negotiations. Conversely, Paul "Triple H" Levesque, as WWE's Chief Content Officer, is taking the reins of the creative direction for flagship shows "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown." The report states that while McMahon holds an iron-clad contract safeguarding his financial interests, it doesn't grant him carte blanche to manage the company as he pleases.

The ultimate authority rests with Emanuel.

McMahon's Step Back

McMahon had been deeply involved in WWE creative processes until undergoing spinal surgery. It's suggested that he voluntarily relinquished creative control to Levesque, who had been performing these duties under McMahon for some time.

McMahon's step back is seen as a willful action to let Levesque guide the creative ship, especially considering the merger. Adding a layer of complexity, McMahon is currently under federal investigation, presumably linked to previous hush-money payments made to several women.

The outcome of this investigation could potentially influence his role within the organization, but as it stands, the case remains unresolved. This shifting landscape within WWE's creative department is likely to have significant repercussions for the future direction of "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown," and it marks a pivotal moment in the sports entertainment giant's evolution.

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