Why WWE Pair John Cena with LA Knight?


Why WWE Pair John Cena with LA Knight?
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As John Cena navigates the twilight years of a career that has earned him the WWE's title of "Greatest of All Time," every appearance he makes in the ring is treated like a special event. This notion rings true not only for fans but also for younger talents like LA Knight.

Having worked his way through the independent circuits and smaller promotions, Knight recently had the privilege of teaming up with Cena at WWE Fastlane. The collaboration caught the attention of Eric Bischoff, a former wrestling executive and host of "83 Weeks," who had a lot to say about the strategic pairing.

Discussing Cena's enduring influence, Bischoff emphasized the invaluable mentorship he offers to up-and-comers like Knight. "The guidance from a veteran like Cena could be the catalyst that talents like Knight need to elevate their game," Bischoff noted.

"LA Knight has been perfecting his craft for years outside of the WWE machine. His character work is compelling, and I think it makes him someone to watch in the business."

Knight's Austin Parallel

Bischoff went on to draw parallels between Knight's trajectory and that of wrestling legend, Steve Austin.

He recalled Austin's early days as "The Ringmaster," and his transformative stint in ECW under Paul Heyman. "It was in ECW that Austin really found the essence of 'Stone Cold,' the persona that would later become iconic," Bischoff said.

Similarly, Bischoff sees LA Knight as a wrestler who has finally dialed into a character that could take him to the top of WWE. "It's like a glove that fits perfectly," Bischoff expressed, lauding Knight's character development.

Eric Bischoff extolled LA Knight's growth as emblematic of what other independent wrestlers should aspire to. "His journey should serve as a roadmap for indie talents looking to break into the big leagues," he stated. "This is good for business, good for the fans, and most importantly, it's a win for the WWE as they look to groom the next generation of superstars." With insightful commentary like this, it's evident that LA Knight's partnership with Cena isn't just a one-off spectacle but could mark the beginning of a new chapter in WWE storytelling.

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