Is Eddie Guerrero a 'Master Craftsman'? WWE Official's View

Nick Patrick's Fond Memories of Wrestling Legend Eddie Guerrero.

by Atia Mukhtar
Is Eddie Guerrero a 'Master Craftsman'? WWE Official's View
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In a recent episode of the "Monday Mailbag" podcast hosted by AdFreeShows, former WWE and WCW official Nick Patrick took a stroll down memory lane as he shared his thoughts on the legendary Eddie Guerrero. The late Eddie Guerrero, a WWE Hall of Famer, left an indelible mark on the wrestling world, and Patrick had the privilege of working closely with him during their time together in both WCW and WWE.

Patrick reminisced about the camaraderie he shared with Guerrero, describing their working relationship as an enjoyable and creatively charged experience. He spoke highly of Guerrero's improvisational skills, highlighting him as a "master craftsman" in the world of professional wrestling.

Patrick had the privilege of crossing paths with Guerrero early in his career, and even then, Eddie exhibited exceptional talent and skill in the squared circle.

Eddie's Championship Journey

As Guerrero's career blossomed, so did his abilities, and he eventually reached the pinnacle of the wrestling world as a world champion.

Patrick marvelled at Guerrero's growth and polish over the years, noting that working with him was an absolute joy. He pointed out the countless unique spots and gimmicks that Guerrero brought to the ring, showcasing his creative genius.

Patrick repeatedly emphasized Guerrero's creative prowess, entertainment value, and undeniable talent throughout the interview. He also touched on Guerrero's infamous "lie, cheat, and steal" persona during his WWE tenure, a character that endeared him to fans while keeping referees, including Patrick, on their toes.

Eddie Guerrero's impact on the wrestling industry is immeasurable, and his untimely passing in November 2005 left a void that can never be filled. His career began in September 1986, and he graced the rings of various promotions, including AAA, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, ECW, WCW, and WWE.

Along the way, he amassed an impressive collection of championships, including a memorable WWE Championship victory at WWE No Way Out 2004. In recognition of his remarkable career and contributions to professional wrestling, Eddie Guerrero was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006. His legacy continues to live on, and his name remains synonymous with excellence in the squared circle.

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