Return of Ex-Intercontinental Champ Unlikely to Boost WWE, Dutch Mantell


Return of Ex-Intercontinental Champ Unlikely to Boost WWE, Dutch Mantell
Return of Ex-Intercontinental Champ Unlikely to Boost WWE, Dutch Mantell © Story Time/YouTube

Veteran wrestling personality Dutch Mantell has weighed in on WWE's reported decision to pass on bringing back CM Punk, a former superstar now with AEW. In a recent installment of his Story Time podcast, Mantell pondered whether WWE actually needed Punk, given their current lineup of talent and storylines.

"As things stand, WWE is already doing exceptionally well with the talent they have," Mantell argued. "Adding CM Punk to the roster wouldn't be the game-changer some fans might expect. WWE's success hinges on a mix of new and existing talent, as well as innovative storytelling.

Punk would be an asset in terms of fan appeal, sure, but he's not the missing piece to an already successful puzzle."

Booking Challenges

Mantell elaborated that CM Punk's return would come with its own set of complications, particularly in terms of booking.

"You can't just stick him in the middle of a card. He'd need to be a main event player, and that means pushing other deserving talent down the pecking order," Mantell explained. "Imagine you're on the WWE creative team; if Punk comes back, you've got to spotlight him in one of the marquee matches.

So, who gets sidelined?" The wrestling veteran went on to emphasize the necessity of making adjustments should CM Punk make a return. "Punk would likely only come back if he could be a main eventer," Mantell said. "But what do you do with him immediately? WWE has a stacked roster, and it's not like you can easily move someone over to make room for him.

Given Punk's age of 47, WWE also has to consider long-term planning. It's not just a simple plug-and-play scenario." Recent speculations suggested that WWE management wasn't willing to gamble on bringing CM Punk back, possibly due to the internal reshuffling that would be required, or perhaps they didn't see enough upside to warrant the move.

Mantell's insights give fans a nuanced perspective on why WWE might be reluctant to bring back The Straight Edge Superstar, despite his enormous fan following. As for now, the idea of CM Punk returning to WWE remains a highly debated topic among wrestling aficionados, but according to insiders like Dutch Mantell, it might not be the boon for WWE that many envision.

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