Alexa Bliss: New Look, New Chapter, and Battle Against Cyberbullying

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss reveals fresh style and advocacy.

by Noman Rasool
Alexa Bliss: New Look, New Chapter, and Battle Against Cyberbullying
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WWE sensation Alexa Bliss is embracing a brand-new look, ditching her signature pink-tipped tresses for a chic, shoulder-length haircut. The beloved WWE superstar, who is expecting her first child with musician Ryan Cabrera, shared her transformation with her legions of followers in an unfiltered snapshot on social media.

The expectant mother took to Instagram to post a candid photo of herself, donning a sleek black sports bra while opting for a no-makeup look. She playfully tousled her freshly chopped hair with her hand, captioning the image with a simple yet impactful, "Chop chop ✂️🖤." The wrestling community and her fans couldn't get enough of Alexa's natural and radiant style.

WWE co-host Kayla Braxton expressed her admiration with a series of heart-eye emojis, while followers left comments celebrating her fresh appearance. One fan dubbed her the "perfect definition of beauty," with another chiming in, "You look absolutely amazing!

Pregnancy made me want to go for the big chop too!" While the newly-trimmed hairstyle received widespread praise, it also sparked curiosity. One fan inquired whether Alexa plans to bring back her iconic pink tips, considering the noticeable absence of her signature color.

However, life in the limelight hasn't been all smooth sailing for Alexa Bliss. Over recent months, she has had to repeatedly caution her fans about the presence of online scams using fake profiles in her name. In a straightforward message, she emphasized, "I ONLY have one Instagram, one Twitter.

I will NEVER ask for money or gift cards, and you are NOT messaging me on any third-party apps."

Bliss Fights Cyberbullying

In addition to grappling with online imposters, Alexa has been a vocal critic of cyberbullying.

She's dealt with significant social media abuse throughout her career, leading her to plea for a more humane online environment, reminding everyone to be considerate of "the person behind the character." The WWE star, who was recently seen at the iHeartRadio Music Awards alongside her husband Ryan Cabrera, has consistently used her platform to counteract the darker sides of fame while keeping her fans engaged with her journey, both in and outside the ring.

As the world awaits Alexa Bliss's return to WWE action, her life changes and social activism continue to place her in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

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