Ex-WWE Champ Denies Contract, Says 'I Haven't Signed Anything'


Ex-WWE Champ Denies Contract, Says 'I Haven't Signed Anything'
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WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently took to his podcast, Kliq This, to vehemently refute claims that he has re-signed with WWE. The wrestling legend's tirade came in response to numerous reports that misinterpreted his recent remarks about AEW's Jade Cargill as a hint at his WWE return.

Nash expressed his outrage over what he called shoddy journalism, stating, "I didn't say any of that nonsense you wrestling news people are spewing. Why not fact-check? Clearly, you didn't listen to my podcast, or you'd know I was speaking about Jade Cargill, not myself.

I haven't signed anything."

Nash Quashes Rumors

The speculation about Nash's return gained momentum when he recently joked about entering the Royal Rumble to "put CM Punk down." This led many fans to believe that Nash was eyeing an in-ring return.

Addressing the speculation on the latest edition of his podcast, he said, "Woke up the next day, minimal soreness. I'm gaining size back, but let's get one thing clear— all I'm focused on right now is hitting the gym.

I have zero intention of getting back in the ring." Nash, who is 64, emphasized that an in-ring comeback would not be a prudent decision at his age. "You'd have to shoot me in the back of the head before I'd step into a wrestling ring again," he added.

A two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Nash has carved out a storied career and clearly has no interest in jeopardizing his legacy with an ill-advised return to action. This isn't the first time that rumors have swirled around a possible return of a retired WWE superstar, but it's not often that the subjects of such rumors speak out so vociferously to set the record straight.

It's a reminder of the responsibility that news outlets bear in ensuring their reporting is accurate, especially in an era where social media can amplify misinformation rapidly. For now, fans of Kevin Nash can focus on his podcast and perhaps some nostalgia from his prolific career, rather than holding out hope for a WWE return that, by the man's own words, is simply not in the cards.

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