36-year-old Star 5-Month WWE Win Streak Ends on RAW: Why?

Unforeseen twists shape the landscape of WWE RAW.

by Atia Mukhtar
36-year-old Star 5-Month WWE Win Streak Ends on RAW: Why?
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In a riveting Season Premiere, WWE RAW delivered a spectacle that left fans buzzing. Last night's episode had a full slate of confrontations, none more buzzworthy than the showdown between Johnny "The Rebel Heart" Gargano and Ludwig Kaiser.

In a stunning twist, Gargano faced defeat after five months away from the televised ring, owing to a contentious intervention by Giovanni Vinci. The loss, while unexpected, doesn't spell doom for Gargano's renewed tag team venture with Tommaso Ciampa.

Rather, it adds more fuel to the simmering feud between DIY and Imperium, as explicitly stated by Imperium's Gunther during the episode. Speaking to Kaiser, Gunther expressed his desire to see Gargano carried out on a stretcher the next time they meet, while also chastising Vinci for not securing a more definitive victory.

DIY's Missing Link

It's important to note that DIY was slated to appear together on RAW, but the glaring absence of Ciampa was noticeable due to a previous injury inflicted by Kaiser and Vinci. This absence not only changes the dynamic but also heightens anticipation for the next enthralling chapter in this complex and evolving rivalry.

The reunion of DIY initially occurred on the October 2, 2023, episode of RAW. After Ciampa lost the Intercontinental Championship to Gunther, he found himself under attack by Kaiser and Vinci. It was this brutal altercation that prompted the return of Johnny Gargano.

Racing to Ciampa's aid, Gargano helped his best friend fend off the assault, and the pair solidified their reunion by executing their signature double running knee strikes—known as "Meet in the Middle"—on Vinci.

As we look forward to next Monday, the suspense is palpable. Will DIY get their payback, or will Imperium continue their reign of terror? Whatever the outcome, this feud is far from over and serves as a compelling narrative point that is sure to capture the attention of WWE fans globally.