Edge's Wrestlemania Reflections

Edge Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Insights on Wrestling's Epic Challenge

by Noman Rasool
Edge's Wrestlemania Reflections
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In a recent appearance on Chris Jericho's "Talk is Jericho" podcast, Adam Copeland, formerly known as Edge in the WWE, shared his reflections on the highly anticipated "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" against Randy Orton at WWE Backlash 2020.

Copeland discussed the immense pressure, the subjective nature of such a claim, and the unique challenges they faced. The tagline "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" had raised eyebrows and expectations. Copeland acknowledged the subjectivity of this notion, highlighting how personal preferences evolve over time.

He emphasized the challenge of living up to such hype, especially without a live audience. Copeland, however, took a creative approach, describing it as a "love letter to wrestling," incorporating nods to wrestling history, like Howard Finkle's announcing style and old MSG aesthetics.

When it came to the actual performance, Copeland admitted the complexities of wrestling without a crowd but saw it as an opportunity to experiment. Unfortunately, one such experiment led to a serious injury. Copeland revealed that he had tried wearing a GoPro on his head during the match to capture a first-person view of an RKO.

Regrettably, this experiment resulted in a torn triceps, forcing him out of action for several months.

Edge's Match Insights

Despite the challenges, Copeland expressed his enjoyment of the match, debunking rumors of heavy editing.

He proudly recounted that they completed the 48-minute match in one take, even though they had no time limit. Copeland attributed their success to his chemistry with Randy Orton. In conclusion, Copeland's insights into the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" shed light on the behind-the-scenes challenges and creative process involved in trying to live up to such high expectations.

The match, despite the absence of a live crowd, allowed Copeland and Orton to showcase their wrestling skills and chemistry, resulting in a memorable performance. Wrestling fans around the world continue to debate what constitutes the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever," but Copeland's perspective provides a unique glimpse into the making of this historic encounter.

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