3-Time WWE Champ Responds to 'Filthy Mutt' Taunt on RAW


3-Time WWE Champ Responds to 'Filthy Mutt' Taunt on RAW
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In a jam-packed WWE RAW season premiere, tensions flared as past rivalries were reignited and fresh feuds emerged. The night was full of unforgettable moments, but none more so than the showdown involving a 3-time WWE champion.

The night began with Sami Zayn discussing Kevin Owens' recent switch to SmackDown, setting the tone for the evening. Soon after, Natalya, a wrestling legend, squared off against Piper Niven, one-half of the reigning WWE Women's Tag Team Champions.

The bout itself was a thrilling display, but the interference by Niven's partner, Chelsea Green, was the talk of the town. Such disruptions ultimately led to the 3-time champ, Natalya, facing defeat at Niven's hands.

Natalya's Fiery Retaliation

However, the drama didn't end with the final bell.

The villainous Women’s Tag Team Champions continued their assault on Natalya post-match. Fortunately, Tegan Nox rushed in for the rescue, hinting at a possible alliance against the tag champions. In a climactic moment during the skirmish, Natalya retaliated with a forceful slap to Chelsea Green.

This act of defiance was in response to Green's derogatory remark, calling Natalya a “filthy mutt”. Venting her feelings, Natalya later tweeted: "I enjoyed slapping the hell outta Chelsea tonight after she called me a filthy mutt.

Can’t wait for her to whine about this to @ScrapDaddyAP."

Given the events, it seems inevitable that we'll soon witness a high-stakes Women’s Tag Team Championship match.

Natalya and Tegan Nox are poised to challenge Chelsea Green and Piper Niven, promising an intense showdown that might just reinvigorate the Women’s Tag Team title scene. In another startling turn of events on RAW, a fan was forcibly removed from the venue.

Fans from across the globe eagerly attend WWE events, anticipating thrilling action. Yet, there are clear conduct guidelines in place for audience members. As Rhea Ripley made her entrance, security personnel escorted out a fan.

Eyewitness accounts, complemented by video footage, revealed the fan was donning a Dominik Mysterio tee. The exact cause for his eviction remains undisclosed, further adding to the evening's dramatic narrative.