Wrestling Vet Slams Drew McIntyre Segment for Excessive 'Whining'


Wrestling Vet Slams Drew McIntyre Segment for Excessive 'Whining'
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In the aftermath of the season premiere of Monday Night RAW, former WWE writer Vince Russo did not mince words about his feelings towards certain segments, particularly the one between Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins. As part of the riveting episode, Rollins threw shade at Drew, insinuating a potential alliance between McIntyre and The Judgment Day.

However, the fiery Scottish Warrior refuted such claims with conviction, emphasizing his capability to handle his affairs solo. He confidently projected that he'd soon snatch the title from the reigning champion.

Russo's RAW Critique

Yet, when Russo reviewed the episode on his show, "Legion of RAW," he didn't hold back his criticisms.

Expressing disappointment, he lamented the overly dramatic tone of the episode. Specifically, he pinpointed Sami Zayn's segment discussing Kevin Owens' transfer to SmackDown. But what seemed to irk Russo the most was the interaction between Seth and Drew, which he described as too melodramatic, drawing parallels with a soap opera.

Russo quipped, "For a season premiere, I'd dub this 'Crybabies and Sissy Marys' Remember sissy Marys? Seems like we had plenty of them this episode." He went on to mockingly imitate the dialogues, "Kevin should've been here, not you." Referring to Seth and Drew, he added, "Whining and crying, seriously? People used to term wrestling as a male soap opera, but this is leaning more towards The Housewives of Atlanta." Amid the swirling drama, Drew McIntyre showed no signs of backing down.

Recounting his tenure during the pandemic, he reminded fans of his historic win against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36. Despite the lack of a live audience to relish that crowning achievement, McIntyre expressed his undeterred resolve.

He made it abundantly clear that his eyes are set on the World Heavyweight Championship title once more, determined to solidify his place at the pinnacle of WWE. For those keen to delve deeper into Russo's analysis, the full video is available for viewing. And for a comprehensive rundown of the Monday Night RAW results, check out the detailed coverage.

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