LA Knight Recognizes WWE Attitude Era Influence on His Character

LA Knight's Meteoric Rise in WWE Captivates Wrestling World

by Noman Rasool
LA Knight Recognizes WWE Attitude Era Influence on His Character

In the span of just 12 months, the ascent of LA Knight within WWE's ranks has been nothing short of remarkable. From a relatively unknown undercard performer, he has rapidly evolved into one of the company's marquee stars, capturing the attention of fans worldwide with his charismatic presence on "WWE SmackDown." Despite facing early challenges in terms of booking decisions, the 40-year-old superstar has proven his resilience, and now, he stands on the cusp of an epic showdown with none other than the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Knight's rise to prominence has been characterized by his catchphrase-laden promos, which have, at times, drawn criticism from wrestling legends, most notably Kevin Nash. However, his ability to electrify audiences and generate thunderous reactions from the crowd cannot be denied.

In a recent interview on "Breakfast Television," he was questioned about his inspiration, particularly the influence of Attitude Era icons like The Rock and Steve Austin, a topic Nash had openly scrutinized.

Influences from Attitude Era

In response, Knight unreservedly acknowledged his deep-rooted admiration for the Attitude Era, stating, "I'm definitely 100 percent influenced, that was my bread and butter when I was in high school.

That was one of the best eras of wrestling; it was exciting. For me, how would you not want to take a little bit from that? I'm not gonna take everything from that, I've still got to be today and I've still got to be now. Am I a little bit of the past? Sure.

Am I a little bit of the present? Sure. Am I everything in between? Absolutely. For me, it's kind of bringing that into now ... it's so ingrained in me that it's just me at this point, I have no choice." Knight emphasized that distancing himself from the inspirations of his past would feel like an attempt to become someone he's not, a sentiment that resonates with his authenticity as a performer.

In recent weeks, Knight's impressive list of conquests includes victories over prominent names such as Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa, The Miz, and Finn Balor. Moreover, he has even joined forces with the legendary John Cena. However, with the return of Roman Reigns and the initiation of a brewing feud between the two, LA Knight now faces what could arguably be the most significant test of his career, a challenge that promises to reshape the landscape of WWE's flagship show.

As LA Knight continues to ride this meteoric wave of success, the wrestling world eagerly anticipates the collision course set between him and Roman Reigns, a showdown that has the potential to redefine the future of "WWE SmackDown." Stay tuned for more electrifying developments in this evolving narrative.

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