Why Did Karrion Kross Challenge a Future WWE Hall Of Famer?

In a surprising revelation, Kross recounts a memorable confrontation.

by Atia Mukhtar
Why Did Karrion Kross Challenge a Future WWE Hall Of Famer?
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When Karrion Kross's 2019 challenge at Dave Bautista surfaced, it sent shockwaves to the online wrestling community. The potential of a face-off at GCW's Bloodsport event was a tantalizing prospect for fans. While many sources were rife with speculation, recently, Kross set the record straight in an in-depth interview with "Insight with Chris Van Vliet".

Contrary to popular belief, Kross emphasized that his intention was never to challenge the eminent future WWE Hall Of Famer directly. A serendipitous occurrence had Bautista, often referred to by fans as the "Animal", residing in the same hotel where the Bloodsport event was happening.

Sensing an opportunity, Kross thought it was worth rolling the dice, especially given his hunch that Bautista, even in his retirement, held an ember of passion for the sport.

Kross's Bold Challenge

Recounting the events of the night, Kross detailed, "After a rigorous match with Nick Gage, I stood victorious, and in that moment, the idea struck me.

I called out Batista, hoping that maybe, just maybe, if there was any lingering desire in him to step out of retirement, he'd consider this new challenge. A form of wrestling he's never undertaken before, more in the realm of shoot-work.

I was more than willing to engage. " The unpredictable nature of wrestling retirements often leads fans to hope for one more match from their favorites. Despite Kross's efforts and hopes, he was disheartened to realize that Batista's decision to retire post his WrestleMania 35 bout was firm.

Kross confessed his admiration for the star: "Growing up, I was in awe of his prowess. Maybe all he needs is an innovative, creative angle that reignites that fire. Even in retirement, most of us can be lured back into the ring if there's a truly compelling storyline or a unique challenge.

And given Dave's background in shoot wrestling, it felt like the right pitch. " In a world where wrestling narratives constantly evolve, Kross's revelations serve as a reminder that sometimes, behind the larger-than-life stories are simple moments, happenstance, and genuine respect between athletes.

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