9-Year-Old NXT Star Goes Heel After Cena Pep Talk: A Must-Watch Turn Tonight

Tonight's NXT episode could redefine alliances and rivalries.

by Noman Rasool
9-Year-Old NXT Star Goes Heel After Cena Pep Talk: A Must-Watch Turn Tonight
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In last week's electrifying episode of WWE NXT, wrestling icon John Cena's guest appearance may have left a seismic impact on the roster, specifically on the dynamic duo of Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. While Cena was there to support Hayes in his match against Bron Breaker—who was cornered by Paul Heyman—the legendary figure also had a private conversation with Trick Williams, hinting at potential character transformations in tonight's episode.

A former NXT champion, Carmelo Hayes, met Cena backstage to express his gratitude for the support. His tag team partner, Trick Williams, joined them briefly. While Hayes appeared buoyant and confident about his chances of reclaiming his title with Cena's endorsement, Williams' facial expressions told a different story.

The backstage segment ended with Cena and Williams sharing a cryptic off-screen conversation, setting the stage for what could be a pivotal moment on this week's show.

NXT Heel Turn Tonight?

A high-stakes triple threat match featuring Baron Corbin, Carmelo Hayes, and Dijak is scheduled for tonight's WWE NXT.

The winner will emerge as the number-one contender for the NXT championship. Speculation is rife that Trick Williams may betray Hayes during this crucial match, interpreting Cena's counsel in a way that pushes him to turn heel.

Williams could feign support for Hayes before delivering a shocking blow, allowing Corbin or Dijak to secure the win. The subplot gained additional intrigue when wrestling legend Konnan weighed in. He publicly praised Trick Williams, noting that he sees him as "the money in the future" and commending the slow-burning narrative that has been unfolding between Hayes and Williams.

This high praise from a wrestling luminary further accentuates the growing anticipation surrounding Williams' possible heel turn. So, as WWE NXT prepares for another night of unforgettable action, the story arc between Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams—potentially influenced by John Cena's recent involvement—will be one to watch closely.

Cena's influence has set events that could significantly reshape character alignments, setting the stage for a must-see WWE NXT episode. Given the magnitude of what could unfold, fans and pundits alike are eager to see how Cena's words will echo in tonight's crucial matchups. Keep your eyes glued to the screen; tonight promises dramatic shifts that could redefine the NXT landscape.