Bo Dallas WWE Return: Fact or Fiction?


Bo Dallas WWE Return: Fact or Fiction?
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In a surprising turn of events last year, WWE reinstated Bray Wyatt, whose real name is Windham Rotunda, after his initial departure in the summer of 2021. There was evident excitement around his comeback, given the intriguing storyline featuring a shadowy masked figure dubbed Uncle Howdy.

However, the narrative couldn't reach its full potential. A tragic setback occurred when, following a COVID-19 diagnosis, Rotunda encountered heart complications which sadly led to his demise. Digging deeper into the Uncle Howdy plot, it's revealed that the character was portrayed by none other than Rotunda's sibling, Taylor, who fans recognize as Bo Dallas from his WWE appearances.

Addressing recent speculations, renowned wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer, on his segment "Wrestling Observer Radio," stated his conviction that WWE might have shelved the Uncle Howdy character indefinitely. He mentioned, "The only reason he [Taylor] was roped in was primarily as a gesture towards Bray Wyatt." Meltzer further added, "While it's conceivable that he might get a call back, it doesn't seem likely in the foreseeable future."

Dallas' Uncertain Path

Recalling Dallas' trajectory with WWE, he had also parted ways with the company in 2021.

The 33-year-old wrestler, whose last official match was in 2019, had reportedly sustained an injury leading him to request a hiatus. Subsequently, there were rumblings about his potential retirement. Nonetheless, Dallas quashed those rumors last year, clarifying that although he ventured into different avenues during his break, his ardor for wrestling remained undiminished.

As of now, the details surrounding Dallas' contractual obligations with WWE remain under wraps. However, given his credentials, including a stint as the "WWE NXT" Champion, he'd surely be a valuable asset to any wrestling promotion, should he decide to seek opportunities outside WWE.