Natalya Reveals Why Tyson Kidd Can't Make WWE Comeback Despite Recent Returns

Unveiling the depth of TJ Wilson's wrestling injury.

by Atia Mukhtar
Natalya Reveals Why Tyson Kidd Can't Make WWE Comeback Despite Recent Returns
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In recent times, the wrestling world has been witnessing a series of remarkable recoveries from neck injuries. However, according to WWE superstar Natalya, her husband TJ Wilson, formerly known as Tyson Kidd, won't be joining that list due to the severity of his 2015 neck injury.

She opened up about this on "Insight With Chris Van Vliet." "TJ can't engage in any activities that necessitate taking a bump," articulated Natalya. "He's capable of demonstrating minor techniques, and his prowess in training others is commendable.

Yet, taking a bump is out of the question for him." She delved deeper into the specifics of the injury, highlighting that TJ suffered from a C1 injury located at the junction of the brain and the spinal cord. Termed medically as 'The Hangman' fracture, it is an especially vulnerable area, making TJ's condition more precarious.

Tyson Kidd's Unique Risk

Although fans ardently wish for his return, especially seeing his commendable fitness, the C1-C2 fusion he underwent restricts him from taking the wrestling bumps. The risk associated with his injury sets it apart from others.

For context, wrestlers like Bryan Danielson, Saraya, and Adam Copeland made successful returns from injuries affecting the lower discs of their neck. But the fusion between TJ's C1 and C2 vertebrae presents a perilous scenario.

Post his injury, doctors informed Wilson of the grim reality - only a five percent survival rate. Among that tiny fraction, a staggering 99% end up paralyzed, making his cautious recovery journey understandable. While the prospect of TJ stepping back into the wrestling ring remains distant, his undying love for the sport hasn't diminished.

Instead, he's channeled his fervor in a different direction. Currently, TJ is immersing himself wholeheartedly into his role as a full-time producer for WWE. His expertise and dedication shine through, particularly as he plays a pivotal role in shaping and mentoring the talents in the women's division, ensuring they receive guidance of the highest caliber. It's evident that, although the ring might not see his return, TJ's influence on wrestling remains as robust as ever.

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