Kevin Sullivan: AEW CEO Tony Khan's Risky Moves


Kevin Sullivan: AEW CEO Tony Khan's Risky Moves
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Former WCW head booker Kevin Sullivan, with his extensive experience in the wrestling industry, has weighed in on the ongoing rivalry between AEW President Tony Khan and WWE. Sullivan understands the challenges of competing with WWE, having done so during his time with WCW, and he's now offering insights into Khan's recent aggressive stance against the sports entertainment giant.

In the latest episode of "Tuesday with The Taskmaster," Sullivan cautioned Khan about the potential consequences of his confrontational approach towards WWE. Khan has been vocal about his desire to outshine WWE, even going as far as accusing WWE of poaching talent while his mother was in the hospital, a move that has intensified the rivalry.

Sullivan's advice to Khan is rooted in strategic thinking. He suggests that while the desire to surpass WWE is commendable, openly criticizing them may not be the most effective strategy. Sullivan draws an analogy, likening it to a situation where one person, in an attempt to divert attention from themselves, points out flaws in another.

He states, "It's the classic leper complex. You put it out to take the vision off of you."

Sullivan Advises AEW's Strategic Focus

Sullivan concurs with his co-host's perspective that Khan might be engaging in deflection by focusing on WWE's shortcomings while ignoring issues within AEW, such as declining television ratings and attendance figures.

It's essential, according to Sullivan, for AEW to concentrate on its own growth and improvement rather than solely fixating on WWE. The competition between WWE and AEW is set to escalate further on November 17 when "WWE SmackDown" and "AEW Collision" go head-to-head for the first time ever, vying for viewers' attention.

This face-off underscores the intensity of the rivalry and the stakes involved in the battle for wrestling supremacy. As AEW continues to assert itself as a formidable player in the wrestling world, Sullivan's advice serves as a reminder that strategic decisions and a focus on self-improvement can be key to success in the highly competitive wrestling landscape.

It remains to be seen how Tony Khan and AEW will navigate this ongoing rivalry and whether they can indeed pose a significant challenge to the longstanding dominance of WWE.

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