Anticipated Comeback of Leading WWE Superstar to Hit Television Screens Imminently

A game-changing moment awaits WWE fans this quarter.

by Noman Rasool
Anticipated Comeback of Leading WWE Superstar to Hit Television Screens Imminently
© WWE/YouTube

As WWE gears up for two of its most high-profile events to round out 2023, fans eagerly await a marquee superstar's return to their television screens. Bianca Belair, the charismatic athlete who dominated the Raw Women's Championship for a year, is slated to return to WWE programming.

This comeback is perfectly timed with WWE's Crown Jewel Pay-Per-View (PPV) event in Saudi Arabia next month and the iconic Survivor Series scheduled for late November in Chicago. Belair's meteoric rise was momentarily halted nearly two months ago at WWE Night of Champions, where she lost her Raw Women's Title to the formidable Asuka.

This setback was followed by a high-stakes triple-threat match at SummerSlam, featuring Belair, Asuka, and the multi-time champion Charlotte Flair. In an enthralling contest, Belair reclaimed her championship, only for her triumph to be short-lived.

IYO SKY made a shocking intervention, cashing in her Money in the Bank briefcase to seize the title and abruptly halting Belair's televised appearances.

WWE Belair's Anticipated Return

The buzz surrounding Belair's imminent return is palpable, adding another intrigue to the upcoming Crown Jewel and Survivor Series events.

Her previous reign was marked by athleticism, charisma, and fan engagement, attributes that WWE aims to capitalize on as they head into one of the busiest periods of their annual calendar. The timing couldn't be more suitable for both WWE and Belair, especially with the company aiming to ramp up viewership and engagement in Q4 of 2023.

The new landscape of the Raw Women's division makes Belair's return even more electrifying. With IYO SKY now holding the championship and perennial contenders like Asuka and Charlotte Flair always lurking, the division has become a powder keg of talent and rivalries.

Whether she goes straight back into the title picture or takes a different path, Belair's reentry is sure to shake up the dynamics in a big way. As the clock ticks down to the Crown Jewel PPV and Survivor Series, all eyes are set on how WWE will manage the return of one of its top talents, Bianca Belair. This is not just a return; it's a re-ignition of a superstar who is set to captivate the WWE Universe once again.