Natalya Celebrates Unsung Hero in Women's Wrestling


Natalya Celebrates Unsung Hero in Women's Wrestling
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While many in the wrestling industry are recognized for propelling women's wrestling to the forefront, WWE Superstar Natalya recently spotlighted a pivotal yet often overlooked figure: Fit Finlay. Sharing her thoughts on Instagram, Natalya lauded the Irishman's instrumental role in reshaping women's wrestling during his tenure with WWE, which began in the early 2000s as a producer.

When Finlay took the reins of the women's division, he transformed its image. Gone were the days when women's matches were mere spectacles. Under Finlay's tutelage, the division metamorphosed into a showcase of athleticism, skill, and genuine competition, aligning it with the standards set by male wrestlers.

It was his dedication to teaching wrestlers like Trish Stratus authentic moves, strikes, and holds that changed the game, empowering them to command the ring with newfound authority.

Natalya's Heartfelt Thanks

Natalya's gratitude towards Finlay isn't just for his broader contributions but is deeply personal.

Reflecting on her own journey, she acknowledged the indispensable guidance Finlay provided throughout her career. "His patience, kindness, and profound knowledge have been my guiding light through the highs and lows," she stated.

And Natalya isn't alone in this sentiment. Wrestling luminaries like Stratus, Beth Phoenix, and Tiffany Stratton have similarly sung praises of Finlay, emphasizing his invaluable mentorship behind the scenes. In the present day, Fit Finlay's unwavering commitment to the wrestling industry shines through as he takes on the role of a producer for "WWE NXT." He stands at the forefront of cultivating the next generation of female wrestling talent, preserving the legacy of excellence.

Natalya, in highlighting his invaluable contributions, serves as a poignant reminder to fans and fellow wrestlers of the often-overlooked architects behind the most iconic moments in wrestling history. Her tribute underscores the significance of recognizing the tireless efforts of those who toil behind the scenes, shaping the future of this beloved sport. Fit Finlay's enduring dedication remains a cornerstone of wrestling's continued success.