Rey Mysterio Plans to Retire: Details Inside

Charting Rey Mysterio's journey from WWE to global stardom.

by Atia Mukhtar
Rey Mysterio Plans to Retire: Details Inside
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Throughout the annals of professional wrestling, few names have resonated with fans like Rey Mysterio, the WWE United States Champion. After a glorious tenure filled with groundbreaking moments and in-ring achievements, Mysterio recently hinted at his impending retirement plans, signaling the possible end of an era.

Starting his journey in the WCW, Rey Mysterio introduced the thrilling lucha libre style to American audiences, reshaping the wrestling landscape. By the time he made his WWE debut in 2002, Mysterio was already a seasoned sensation.

It wasn't long before he clinched the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22, a testament to his unparalleled prowess and charisma.

Rey Mysterio Global Impact

In a career laden with accolades, Mysterio went on to reclaim the Heavyweight title in 2010 and secured the WWE Championship the following year.

But 2015 saw him part ways with WWE, expanding his horizon in AAA and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Mysterio's presence at the inaugural All In show, considered by many as the forerunner to AEW, further solidified his reputation as a global wrestling icon.

But it wasn't just his individual triumphs that kept him in the limelight. In his second WWE stint, Rey introduced fans to the next generation – his son, Dominik Mysterio. Together, they grabbed the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, showcasing their shared ring brilliance.

However, drama ensued when Dominik, swayed by Rhea Ripley, split from his legendary father to align with The Judgment Day. In a recent conversation on The MMA Hour, the 48-year-old Mysterio was introspective about his career's horizon.

When quizzed about retirement, he shared, “I’m hoping that it can be within the next year and a half or two, maybe”. This suggests the iconic luchador may hang up his boots around his 50th birthday. 2023 was particularly memorable for Mysterio, as he joined the esteemed ranks of the WWE Hall of Fame, a recognition even more remarkable given he's still an active wrestler.

Whenever Rey Mysterio decides to wrap up his celebrated career, his influence will undoubtedly echo in wrestling circles. With Dominik carving his path and countless wrestlers inspired by Mysterio's legacy, the legend's impact is indisputable.

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