The Rock vs. Roman Reigns: Possible Royal Rumble 2023 Faceoff for WrestleMania 40?

Wrestling fans, get ready for some exciting developments ahead!

by Atia Mukhtar
The Rock vs. Roman Reigns: Possible Royal Rumble 2023 Faceoff for WrestleMania 40?
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For years, WWE fans have been eagerly anticipating the showdown between two of the most iconic wrestlers of our time, The Rock and Roman Reigns. However, the ever-expanding Hollywood career of Dwayne Johnson has made it challenging to confirm this dream match.

While the clash between these two Anoa'i family members remains a possibility, recent developments suggest a twist in the tale. The Rock and Roman Reigns, both prominent figures in the wrestling world, share a personal history that makes a match of this magnitude deserving of a grand stage.

Nonetheless, WrestleMania 40 might not be the platform for their epic encounter.

Royal Rumble 2024 Possibilities

Enter Royal Rumble 2024—an event that could provide the ideal backdrop for The Rock vs. Roman Reigns. Notably, this spectacle is set to take place in Florida, the hometown of both wrestling icons.

Considering the impending SAG-AFTRA strike and Dwayne Johnson's burgeoning Hollywood commitments, WrestleMania 40 may not be feasible for this epic showdown. Instead, it could pave the way for another intriguing storyline involving Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes could potentially win the Royal Rumble in 2024, setting the stage for a showdown with Roman Reigns. In this scenario, The Tribal Chief would ideally defeat his cousin to gain substantial momentum heading into WrestleMania, while Cody Rhodes would emerge as a formidable protagonist if he managed to overcome Roman Reigns, solidifying his status as "The American Nightmare." But why did The Rock vs.

Roman Reigns fail to materialize at WrestleMania 39, despite appearing to be "locked in"? The Rock himself shed light on this long-anticipated fantasy match during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. He revealed that discussions for the bout had taken place in 2022 and were seemingly "locked in." Nick Khan played a pivotal role in bringing The Rock and Vince McMahon together, recognizing the immense potential of this clash.

Although negotiations came tantalizingly close, they ultimately fell short. However, The Rock teased that the match might still happen in the near future, potentially at a WrestleMania in Philadelphia. So, what was the original plan for Cody Rhodes had The Rock vs.

Roman Reigns occurred at WrestleMania 39? According to reports by Dave Meltzer, the WrestleMania 39 card included plans for a second World Title match on Night One. Wrestlers considered for this coveted spot included Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre—a testament to the depth of talent in WWE's roster at that time.

As fans eagerly await the unfolding of these dramatic wrestling narratives, Royal Rumble 2024 looms on the horizon as a potential stage for one of the most anticipated matches in WWE history—the clash of The Rock and Roman Reigns.

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