Confirmed: WWE Star Never Back to the Ring


Confirmed: WWE Star Never Back to the Ring
Confirmed: WWE Star Never Back to the Ring © Mirror Sport/Twitter

In the world of professional wrestling, miraculous comebacks are not uncommon. Stars like Bryan Danielson, Adam Copeland (Edge), and Saraya have defied the odds, returning to the ring after career-threatening injuries. However, for former WWE superstar TJ Wilson, also known as Tyson Kidd, a return to the squared circle is officially off the table, according to his wife and fellow WWE performer, Natalya.

During a recent interview on "Insight With Chris Van Vliet," Natalya shed light on the gravity of Wilson's injury, which has made it impossible for him to make an in-ring comeback. Unlike other wrestlers who have managed to return to action, Wilson's situation is unique and far more precarious.

"He can't do anything that would require him to take a bump," Natalya explained. "He's incredibly gifted in training others, but he just can't take a bump. The nature of his injury, a C1 fracture at the base of his brain, makes it extremely risky." For those unfamiliar with medical terminology, a C1 injury is a fracture that occurs where the brain and spinal cord meet.

This specific injury is also known as 'The Hangman' fracture, emphasizing its severe and life-threatening nature.

Deceptive Fitness

"People see TJ in great shape and think he could return, but they don't understand the vulnerability of his condition," Natalya continued.

"Because he had a C1-C2 fusion, he has to be extremely cautious. A return to wrestling is, unfortunately, out of the question." Wilson's wrestling career came to a sudden halt in June 2015 during a non-televised match against Samoa Joe.

Since then, he has transitioned into a full-time producer role within WWE, contributing his expertise behind the scenes. While other stars like Adam Copeland have posted motivational photos celebrating their returns to active competition in AEW, Wilson's case serves as a sobering reminder that not all injuries can be overcome.

Despite the advances in medical science and rehabilitation, some barriers remain insurmountable, closing the door on what could have been a storybook return for the talented TJ Wilson. For fans holding out hope for a miracle, Natalya's revelation serves as a definitive end to such speculation, confirming that TJ Wilson will never return to in-ring action.