Former WWE Star Reflects on Collaborating with John Cena at His Peak


Former WWE Star Reflects on Collaborating with John Cena at His Peak
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For almost two decades, John Cena's larger-than-life personality dominated the WWE arena, making him an emblematic figure in the world of wrestling. As Cena gradually shifted gears in recent years, wrestlers he once shared the ring with are coming forward with their tales of partnering with this wrestling legend.

One such wrestler is Yoshi Tatsu, hailing from Japan. Tatsu, who made his mark in WWE from 2007, challenged for both the tag team and the ECW titles during his spell. His journey across RAW, Smackdown, and the now-retired ECW brands was noteworthy.

Tatsu also made his mark when he participated in the battle to name the inaugural NXT Tag Team Champions. In 2014, the WWE curtain dropped for Tatsu. However, not before he was granted the memorable experience of teaming up with Cena during a special event in Japan.

Now, as he embarks on his new adventure with a freshly minted YouTube channel, Tatsu is unraveling the fabric of these memories for his fans. A particular clip captures his sentiments beautifully: "When the call came from the office about teaming up with Cena, my heart swelled with joy.

Cena wasn’t just the pinnacle of WWE, he was, undeniably, the zenith of the global wrestling arena. So, the opportunity was indeed a cherished moment," expressed a visibly moved Yoshi Tatsu.

Post-WWE Journey of Yoshi Tatsu

After his departure from WWE, Tatsu, originally known as Naofumi Yamamoto, reverted to his roots.

He had initially polished his wrestling skills in NJPW, and post-2014, he found himself once again wrestling under their banner. The spotlight followed him there, especially with his feud against the formidable Bullet Club, and his intense showdown with AJ Styles.

Although Tatsu did forge an alliance with Hiroshi Tanahashi for a brief spell, by 2017, his time with NJPW came to an end. Presently, Yoshi Tatsu showcases his prowess in All Japan Pro Wrestling, captivating fans since his debut in 2017.

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