NJPW Star Will Ospreay Discusses Mental Health Struggles and Anxiety

In a candid interview, wrestling sensation Will Ospreay opens up.

by Noman Rasool
NJPW Star Will Ospreay Discusses Mental Health Struggles and Anxiety
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New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) sensation, Will Ospreay, has recently opened up about the profound mental health challenges he has faced, shedding light on the anxiety that often grips him prior to high-stakes wrestling matches.

In a candid interview with "Metro," Ospreay shared his personal battle with mental health, particularly in the context of his anxiety leading up to significant bouts. Ospreay, who was preparing for his IWGP United States Heavyweight title clash against Zack Sabre Jr.

at NJPW's Royal Quest III, spoke eloquently about the inner turmoil he grapples with before stepping into the ring. "I used to be in such a dark place where my own thoughts would become my worst enemy. Sometimes, especially before big matches, the doubts would start creeping in," confessed Ospreay.

He went on to reveal that his anxiety reached its peak during the Tokyo showdown with Kenny Omega, emphasizing how overwhelming it can be to face such formidable opponents.

Ospreay's Mental Health Insights

The British wrestling sensation acknowledged the crucial role that the support of his loved ones has played in helping him navigate these challenging mental health waters.

However, he didn't shy away from acknowledging that his struggles with mental health, including depression and anxiety, continue to have a significant impact on his performance, particularly when he's separated from his partner and their child.

In an empathetic gesture, Ospreay offered words of advice to anyone grappling with similar issues, urging them to persevere: "Keep moving forward, keep doing what you do." He cautioned against succumbing to the darkness that can envelop one's mind when they pause to dwell on their troubles.

In the monumental match against Zack Sabre Jr. at London's Copper Box Arena, Ospreay emerged victorious, successfully defending his coveted IWGP United States Heavyweight championship. This heartfelt revelation from a prominent figure in the wrestling world highlights the importance of addressing mental health challenges openly and honestly.

Will Ospreay's willingness to share his struggles not only humanizes him but also serves as a source of inspiration for others who may be facing similar issues. His triumph in the ring is not just a testament to his physical prowess but also a testament to his mental resilience and determination.

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