Title Rewrite: Ex-WWE Champ: Roman Reigns' Next Feud After LA Knight?

A charged moment rekindles old WrestleMania rivalries on SmackDown.

by Noman Rasool
Title Rewrite: Ex-WWE Champ: Roman Reigns' Next Feud After LA Knight?
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Roman Reigns' triumphant return to WWE has not only electrified fans but also lined up a roster of formidable challengers vying for his title. Last week on WWE SmackDown, LA Knight audaciously interrupted The Tribal Chief, issuing a direct challenge for the championship gold.

Though LA Knight has boldly positioned himself as the first in line to dethrone Roman Reigns potentially, speculations are rife about who could be next should Knight fall short. One such contender emerging from the shadows is AJ Styles.

Over the past few months, Styles has been embroiled in a heated feud with The Bloodline members Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. The animosity escalated to a point where Styles was sidelined due to injuries inflicted by the duo. This could catalyze The Phenomenal One to re-enter the title picture, setting the stage for a blockbuster showdown at the Survivor Series Premium Live Event.

If this transpires, it would mark AJ Styles' first return to the World Championship fray in several years.

Staredown Sparks Buzz WWE

Last week's SmackDown offered another jaw-dropping moment when Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns locked eyes in a tense staredown.

The encounter sent shivers down the fans' spines, evoking memories of their past WrestleMania storyline. WWE Hall of Famer Bull Ray, commenting on the Busted Open Radio, likened the tension between the two superstars to a 'lightsaber battle,' highlighting the significance of their brief but electric exchange.

While Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns belong to different WWE brands, it's worth noting that Rhodes himself has hinted at doing whatever it takes to 'finish his story.' Given his history and the raw intensity between him and Reigns, a future clash could be inevitable.

In summary, Roman Reigns appears to have no shortage of challenges, whether it's the high-flying AJ Styles seeking revenge or the enigmatic Cody Rhodes looking to write the final chapter of his saga. In whatever direction WWE decides to take, fans can look forward to captivating storylines involving The Tribal Chief in the coming months.

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