High Demand Reshapes WWE Survivor Series 2023


High Demand Reshapes WWE Survivor Series 2023

In an unprecedented move triggered by soaring demand, WWE has announced sweeping changes to the Survivor Series 2023 lineup, slated for November 25 at Chicago's iconic Allstate Arena. The venue will also host the final episode of Friday Night SmackDown before the Survivor Series event, setting the stage for what promises to be a blockbuster weekend in sports entertainment.

Originally advertised to feature a WarGames match—a spectacle that has yet to be formally announced—the Survivor Series event experienced a rapid ticket sell-out. Within months of going on sale on July 21, all 12,928 tickets were snapped up by October 15.

In light of the demand, WWE has reconfigured the Allstate Arena to accommodate a larger audience. The reconfiguration is significant; WWE initially planned to utilize their standard titantron setup that has become a mainstay for their premium live events and televised productions.

However, the new configuration allows for a more intimate stage setup, designed specifically for Survivor Series. This pivot not only impacts the Survivor Series but will also influence the setup for the SmackDown event happening at the same venue the day prior.

Seating Boosted

According to industry insiders at WrestleTix, the updated configuration increases the seating capacity to a staggering 15,342, a bump of 2,784 seats from the original plan. Sections 105, 108, 205, and 208 have been newly added.

"This reconfiguration necessitates a special stage setup that differs from the standard layout," said WrestleTix in an official statement. Furthermore, the premium seats, officially designated as 'platinums,' are priced at $300 and $175 for the front four rows in each new section.

Most other seats are affordably priced at $40, offering a range of options for fans.

These changes underscore WWE’s commitment to its fanbase, recognizing the strong demand for Survivor Series and acting swiftly to ensure a larger number of enthusiasts can be part of this electrifying experience.

It's a win-win for both the organization and fans, setting the stage for what is shaping up to be an unforgettable Survivor Series 2023.

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