Chris Jericho Warns WWE After NXT's Win Over AEW: 'Don't Get Cocky'


Chris Jericho Warns WWE After NXT's Win Over AEW: 'Don't Get Cocky'
Chris Jericho Warns WWE After NXT's Win Over AEW: 'Don't Get Cocky' © WWE/YouTube

In a recent sit-down with, AEW superstar Chris Jericho didn't mince words when discussing WWE NXT’s recent win over AEW Dynamite in the television ratings battle on October 10, 2023. Jericho had a straightforward message for WWE: "Don’t get too far up your own ass." Jericho questioned WWE's strategy of deploying major stars like John Cena, The Undertaker, and Cody Rhodes on their "secondary" show, NXT.

"Sure, it was a cheeky way to give AEW the finger, but let's not get it twisted. This wasn’t a triumph for WWE’s future; it was a nostalgic pop," he remarked. He emphasized that relying on legacy names for a one-off ratings boost isn’t a sustainable strategy for the long-term success of a wrestling promotion.

"I told Tony [Khan, AEW President], if we really want to fire back, we could bring in mainstream heavyweights like Shaq, Snoop Dogg, or Mike Tyson," Jericho said. "But that's not how we roll. We believe in the talent we have, the men and women who are the bedrock of our shows week in and week out."

Chris Jericho's Football Analogy

Jericho also employed a football analogy to make his point.

"Imagine a game where you resurrect peak Tom Brady for just one match against Chris Jericho. Sure, you might win, but the scoreline will still be close, like 30-26. Does that really count as a definitive win?" The AEW veteran concluded that while NXT might have won the battle, they haven't won the war.

"They might think they crushed us, but the margin was slim. And let’s be real: our product was superior. Competition? Sure, it's good. It's good for fans; it's good for business. But let's not get ahead of ourselves." Jericho's candid comments add another layer to the ongoing rivalry between WWE and AEW, stirring the pot in a war that has reinvigorated professional wrestling.

As both promotions jockey for position, one thing is clear: the battle for wrestling supremacy is far from over. The interview has created quite a buzz online, making it evident that the competition between AEW and WWE is heating up, which only serves to benefit the fans and the wrestling industry as a whole.

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