WWE Star Willing to Face CM Punk Despite Ongoing Feud, Says Konnan


WWE Star Willing to Face CM Punk Despite Ongoing Feud, Says Konnan

In a surprising twist to the longstanding tension between Seth Rollins and CM Punk, wrestling veteran Konnan recently weighed in, suggesting that Rollins would indeed be open to stepping into the ring with Punk should he make a WWE return.

The speculation was part of the latest episode of Konnan's "Keepin It 100" podcast, where he discussed the possibility that recent provocations on WWE's flagship show, "Raw," were perhaps made with Rollins' approval. Konnan posed the question, "Do you really think Rollins wouldn't wrestle Punk?" He further elaborated, "If Rollins had real animosity towards Punk, he wouldn't be referencing him in his promos.

The dialogue he's using are lines Punk once said himself. Take for instance Corey Graves quoting 'The biggest trick the devil ever did...' — that's a line directly from Punk. These Ring of Honor catchphrases being used on WWE television can't be mere coincidence, and if Rollins is uttering them, it likely means he's open to the idea."

CM Punk's Potential Impact

The wrestling veteran also touched on the potential benefits a Punk return could bring to WWE.

According to Konnan, a homecoming for the former AEW star could significantly boost WWE's viewership numbers and even pull fans away from AEW. "WWE has a knack for effectively hyping returns and making the most of big-name stars like Punk," Konnan added.

"A dream match between Rollins and Punk would be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser." This conversation becomes even more intriguing in light of recent reports indicating that WWE and Punk are not currently in talks about a potential return.

Earlier this year, Rollins minced no words in an interview with WrestlingInc, labeling Punk as a "jerk" and clearly stating he didn't want him back in WWE. He echoed these sentiments in a subsequent interview, denouncing Punk as selfish and stating he had no place in the professional wrestling industry.

For now, while a Rollins vs. Punk showdown remains speculative, the continuing buzz ensures that should it happen, the WWE universe would be all eyes and ears. As both wrestlers hold significant sway in the industry, such a high-profile match would undoubtedly make waves, providing a possible win-win scenario for both WWE and its audience.

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