Shane McMahon's Son Considers Following Father's Footsteps in WWE


Shane McMahon's Son Considers Following Father's Footsteps in WWE
Shane McMahon's Son Considers Following Father's Footsteps in WWE © WWE/Youtube

In a wrestling dynasty like the McMahon family, where patriarch Vince McMahon transformed what started as a regional business into the global phenomenon of WWE, it's perhaps not surprising that the next generation is contemplating stepping into the squared circle.

Shane McMahon, son of Vince and grandson of WWE founder Vince McMahon Sr., has long been a thrilling performer despite never receiving formal wrestling training. Now, his own son, Declan McMahon, is considering the possibility of a WWE career.

In a recent interview with WU Online's Michael Weaver Jr., Declan McMahon candidly discussed the notion of one day taking the WWE stage himself. "Growing up in this industry, you naturally think about stepping into the ring," said Declan.

"While nothing's set in stone, I'm certainly not closing the door on the opportunity. It boils down to timing and the narrative, but if the stars align, why not?" This comment came shortly after Declan was spotted among the audience at WWE's Fastlane event, sparking speculation about his intentions.

He's confident that if he does decide to enter the WWE world, fans would enthusiastically support him. "Given my family's history in the business, I feel like I'd have an edge, and I think the WWE Universe would really get behind it," he added.

Hogan's WrestleMania Claim

Coincidentally, Shane McMahon himself was recently thrust back into the limelight following remarks by WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan. Hogan claimed that a WrestleMania 39 match was in the works between his son, Nick Hogan, and Shane McMahon.

However, sources within WWE have refuted these claims, noting that Nick Hogan hasn’t been on the WWE radar for over a decade. Shane McMahon did make an unexpected return to the ring at WrestleMania, although it was cut short due to an unfortunate injury within seconds of his showdown with The Miz.

This incident has heightened the anticipation of whether another McMahon will step up to continue the family legacy. As the wrestling world keeps an eye on young Declan McMahon, one thing is clear: the McMahon wrestling saga is far from over, and fans are eager to see where the story goes next.

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