Mark Henry: Real Wrestling War Isn't WWE Vs. AEW

Diving into wrestling's true battles, Henry shares insights.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mark Henry: Real Wrestling War Isn't WWE Vs. AEW
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Ever since the launch of AEW in 2019, the pro-wrestling community has been abuzz with speculations of a brewing rivalry between the Tony Khan-led AEW and the wrestling behemoth, WWE. However, AEW superstar Mark Henry, in a recent episode of Booker T's "Hall of Fame" podcast, shed light on a contrasting perspective.

Mark Henry passionately debunked the myth of an ongoing "war" between the two promotions. Instead, he spotlighted the actual competitive landscape of the industry. "There's no war. The real battleground?" Henry emphasized, "It's about the ratings of individual segments."

Moments That Captivated

Recalling his own career and Booker T's impactful moments, Henry illustrated his point.

"Whenever 'Chocolate' graced the screen, viewers stayed put. When I embodied 'The World's Strongest Man' and ran the 'Hall of Pain,' no one was reaching for the remote. And let's not forget King Booker's reign. The audience was completely engrossed." Further demystifying the narrative of a direct collision course between the two giants, Henry revealed AEW's conscious decision not to clash with WWE on schedules.

The recent move of "AEW Dynamite" to Tuesday night wasn’t about challenging WWE, but rather a strategic shift necessitated by the network due to the MLB playoffs. "AEW never intended to throw a gauntlet down on WWE's turf.

The switch to Tuesday was out of necessity. We aren't here to cause disruptions, especially not in their breakfast routine," Henry remarked with a chuckle, hinting at the playful 'corn flakes' analogy. While the October 10th episode of "Dynamite" was aired on a Tuesday due to the aforementioned playoffs, it’s worth noting that "NXT" managed to clinch higher ratings for that slot.

Regardless of these fluctuations, Mark Henry’s message is clear: it’s about captivating segments and not promotional face-offs that define the wrestling world’s success.

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