Bianca Belair Names Bayley as Top WWE Rival

Belair's Candid Reflections on WWE's Thrilling Drama

by Atia Mukhtar
Bianca Belair Names Bayley as Top WWE Rival
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From her debut on WWE's primary stage in 2020, Bianca Belair has squared off against Bayley in over 60 bouts spanning TV broadcasts, pay-per-view events, and live shows. Sharing insights on "Baby, This Is Keke Palmer," Belair delved into the unpredictable world of live wrestling where opponents can sometimes ad-lib during performances, cheekily referred to as "throwing monkey wrenches." Singling out Bayley, Belair gushed, "Bayley is, hands down, my most cherished opponent in the ring.

She has this uncanny ability to infuse spontaneous moments which, more often than not, are humorously chaotic. Picture this – you're deeply engaged in a match, and suddenly, Bayley dashes out, snatches a microphone, and begins heckling the audience.

Or she might impulsively grab a fan's sign, tear it, and toss it inside the ring. In those moments, all you can do is play along, wondering what hit you!"

Rivalry's Unforgettable Moments

The two divas have woven a tapestry of iconic in-ring memories.

An emotional Belair once disclosed she was moved to tears post their face-off at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. Reminiscing over the summer, both grapplers relived some landmark championship face-offs, especially significant when WWE decided on an overhaul, transforming the identities of the "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championships.

Fans of Bianca Belair have been eagerly awaiting her return to the WWE spotlight since her conspicuous absence in August. The wrestling world has been buzzing with speculation about her imminent comeback, with rumors suggesting that the former champ may grace our screens as early as this week's edition of "SmackDown." The anticipation is palpable, and if these whispers hold true, fans are in for a thrilling treat as Belair prepares to make her grand re-entry, promising excitement and suspense in the world of professional wrestling.

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