Matt Riddle Garners Buzz; Non-Compete Surpasses Wrestling


Matt Riddle Garners Buzz; Non-Compete Surpasses Wrestling
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WWE Universe was taken aback by the recent departure of the talented Matt Riddle on September 22nd. This release came on the heels of a controversial event at JFK airport. Riddle took to social media to claim he was sexually assaulted by a Port Authority officer, only to subsequently delete the post.

The incident rapidly attracted scrutiny. Video footage that surfaced online seemingly depicted Riddle in an inebriated state. Authorities promptly initiated an investigation into the matter.

Matt Riddle Uncertain Future

Riddle's departure from WWE was a topic of hot debate among wrestling enthusiasts.

Speculations were rife about him potentially joining AEW, or even returning to the MMA circuit where he once thrived. Dave Meltzer, a renowned wrestling journalist, recently shed light on the matter in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Meltzer highlighted that Riddle's skill set and profile have garnered interest not just from the wrestling domain but also from MMA and boxing. However, there's a catch. Due to a binding non-compete clause, Riddle can't commit to any ventures, whether they be in wrestling, MMA, or boxing until December.

Meltzer noted, "Matt Riddle's representatives have been engaging in discussions with numerous pro wrestling, MMA, and boxing enterprises about potential opportunities. So far, only PFL and Bare Knuckle Boxing have publicly expressed interest.

However, no formal announcement will be made until his non-compete duration concludes." The Reason Behind Matt Riddle's WWE Exit It's worth noting that the JFK incident isn't the sole blotch on Riddle's reputation. Over the past years, he's had his fair share of controversies.

This recurrent pattern might have contributed to his exit from WWE. An anonymous high-ranking WWE official alluded to Riddle's turbulent journey, suggesting that the star might have exhausted the company's tolerance. The official was quoted saying that Riddle had been given multiple opportunities, but it seemed the reservoir of goodwill had dried up.

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