CM Punk WWE Return Hinted?

Wrestling buzz centers on Punk's potential ring resurgence.

by Atia Mukhtar
CM Punk WWE Return Hinted?
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It's been a whirlwind journey for CM Punk since his departure from WWE in 2014. The former World Champion, who has not shied away from expressing his feelings about WWE, made waves in the wrestling community with his stint in AEW.

However, after an unexpected exit from AEW earlier this year, the wrestling rumour mill is buzzing about a possible CM Punk return to the WWE. Adding fuel to the fire, a recent update from WWE on Instagram featured the USA Network dropping a significant hint regarding Punk's much-anticipated comeback.

This is not the first time subtle nods have been made in this direction. Noteworthy instances like the incorporation of Punk's famous quotes into WWE broadcasts and Shinsuke Nakamura's rendition of the GTS (a move made famous by Punk) have also set tongues wagging.

While some insiders argue that these developments might be individual stars taking the initiative, it's evident that the stage is being set for a significant revelation. The network's involvement, despite possibly not being privy to internal WWE decisions, only thickens the plot.

CM Punk Anticipated Homecoming

Amidst the speculation, fans are pondering on the timing of Punk's return, especially since he's now unaffiliated and can opt to be part of any wrestling promotion. The predominant belief is that Survivor Series, slated for next month in Punk's hometown of Chicago, could witness his grand return.

The choice of venue seems fitting, considering the magnitude of Punk's homecoming after almost a decade. However, another headline slated for Survivor Series is Randy Orton's comeback, which risks overshadowing Punk's potential involvement.

But if WWE is aiming for a monumental reaction to Punk's return, Chicago's Survivor Series may just be the perfect setting. Recent grapevine chatter suggests that negotiations between WWE and Punk might have stalled. Nevertheless, with Survivor Series just around the corner, the next four weeks hold the promise of game-changing surprises for the WWE universe. Only time will tell if we'll witness the return of CM Punk to the squared circle.

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