Champion Unique Tribute to The Rock Causes Awkward Moment on SmackDown


Champion Unique Tribute to The Rock Causes Awkward Moment on SmackDown
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The wrestling world reveres The Rock, not just for his intense and engaging promos but also for his distinctive and often comically exaggerated selling style. Despite his relatively brief full-time tenure in the WWE, The Rock's legacy continues to influence today's superstars.

This influence was on full display during the SmackDown episode on October 20th. In the episode's much-anticipated main event, WWE Women's Champion, IYO SKY, squared off against wrestling luminary Charlotte Flair. A tension-filled match saw SKY retain her title, with significant assistance from Damage CTRL who consistently interrupted, creating distractions that worked to SKY's advantage.

SKY's The Rock Tribute

The highlight of the evening for many, however, was a particularly memorable moment when SKY emulated The Rock's iconic selling technique. Fans with an eye for wrestling history might recall how The Rock would dramatically react to Stone Cold Steve Austin's Stunner.

He would audaciously drop, headfirst, only to momentarily stay rigid, and subsequently spring back using the ropes for momentum. This exaggerated response was more comedic than realistic, yet it became one of the memorable hallmarks of his wrestling persona.

IYO SKY, hailed globally as one of the top in-ring talents regardless of gender, paid a subtle yet unmistakable homage to The Rock's legendary style. By replicating his humorous reaction, she not only entertained the fans but also demonstrated the enduring impact of The Rock's WWE contributions.

This tribute has sparked a myriad of online discussions and has made it clear that even as years pass, the contributions of legends like The Rock remain firmly etched in the memories of both fans and wrestlers. As the news continues to trend, it's undeniable that moments like these keep the rich history of WWE alive for newer generations of fans.

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