The Rock Wax Figure Fail: Internet Compares It to Mr. Clean


The Rock Wax Figure Fail: Internet Compares It to Mr. Clean
The Rock Wax Figure Fail: Internet Compares It to Mr. Clean © Graeme ONeil/YouTube

On October 16, 2023, Paris's renowned Musée Grévin unveiled a wax statue of American actor and WWE legend, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. This was no ordinary reveal; it swiftly became a topic of fervent discussion online, especially among the vast legions of 'The Rock's' fans and followers.

Renowned for its detailed wax sculptures, Musée Grévin houses an impressive array of over 450 figures, ranging from historical luminaries of French lineage to the contemporary heavyweights of global pop culture.

Its vaults boast figures of individuals like Shah Rukh Khan from Bollywood and U.S. President Joe Biden. However, the latest addition - an ode to the former WWE champion and revered actor - has had the internet chuckling rather than applauding.

Wax The Rock or Mr. Clean?

While the sculpture meticulously captures Johnson's imposing physique and iconic features, there's a consensus among fans that something seems amiss. As photos of the statue began trending, many were quick to humorously observe a striking resemblance between the wax figure and Mr.

Clean, the iconic bald mascot known for gracing cleaning product labels. Social media platforms were rife with jesting commentary. One of the most retweeted remarks quipped, "That's limestone not the Rock," further fueling the light-hearted banter around the statue.

The museum's attempt to capture the essence of The Rock has evidently left some fans scratching their heads, particularly given the apparent "whitewashing" of his figure. Johnson, who proudly flaunts his Hawaiian roots and has always celebrated his Samoan heritage, would probably join in the jest himself.

The Musée Grévin is no stranger to artistic critique; it's part and parcel of the meticulous world of wax sculpting. Yet, as with all art forms, the interpretations are subjective. While many might see a Mr. Clean doppelganger, others will undoubtedly appreciate the homage to one of WWE/AEW's most celebrated figures.

Nevertheless, this incident underscores the power of the digital age, where reactions, humorous or otherwise, spread like wildfire.

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