Ric Flair Stunned Response to Charlotte Flair SmackDown Defeat


Ric Flair Stunned Response to Charlotte Flair SmackDown Defeat
Ric Flair Stunned Response to Charlotte Flair SmackDown Defeat © WWE Matches/YouTube

In a night that proved to be challenging for Charlotte Flair at SmackDown, her legendary father Ric Flair remained unwavering in his admiration, not just for his daughter, but for the entire cadre present. As the world looked on, the 16-time World Champion weighed in on the riveting SmackDown main event.

The marquee matchup saw the formidable WWE Women's Champion, IYO SKY, staunchly defending her title against Charlotte Flair. This intense showdown was the brainchild of SmackDown's freshly minted General Manager, Nick Aldis.

Despite her best efforts, Charlotte was denied victory, primarily due to the meddling of Damage CTRL. This setback prevents her from inching closer to Ric's enviable record.

Ric Flair Pride in Charlotte Flair

Ric Flair, always vocal in his support, saluted the WWE women's division's prowess and spirited performance, humorously noting that they "made the boys look lame." His unwavering confidence in Charlotte is well-documented.

As early as 2016, a mere few years into Charlotte's burgeoning career, Ric had passionately argued that she was already an athlete surpassing his own accomplishments. Given Charlotte's trajectory, many anticipate she will eventually eclipse her father's 16 world title reigns, further solidifying her place in WWE annals.

As the SmackDown drama unfolded, Charlotte found herself constantly undermined by Damage CTRL's numerical advantage. Their interference was pivotal in ensuring IYO SKY's title retention. But the plot thickened post-match. Damage CTRL, unsatisfied with merely securing the win, initiated an unprovoked assault on Charlotte.

Enter Bianca Belair. After a brief sabbatical from WWE—much deserved, considering her central role in both RAW and SmackDown women's divisions for nearly two years—Belair stormed back. Her timely intervention thwarted Damage CTRL's ploy, offering a thrilling conclusion to a night filled with drama and suspense.

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