Big E on Getting Fired by The WWE

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Big E on Getting Fired by The WWE

Big E is one of the most well-known WWE wrestlers in the current roster. He is part of the New Day, and that is where he actually got famous. Kofi Kingston is the WWE Champion and he is also part of The New Day, so the group is extremely famous.

They are currently on top of the WWE. Big E was on Twitter and spoke to his fans recently. He spoke about how he carries himself on Twitter. Big E is the biggest man in The New Day, and he tweeted about a lot of different stuff going on in his life recently.

He spoke about being with the mother of Becky Lynch, who is the current RAW Women’s Champion. He spoke about the idea he gave to Vince McMahon on using erotica in the third hour of RAW. He shared his story about talking to a pornstar called Tanya Tate.

About his story with Tate, one fan wrote, “On one hand, I absolutely love Big E being himself on Twitter. On the other, his last month on twitter has me scared for his career. Please don't go, you're the literal only highlight of WWE next to Bray right now :'(.

At least secure a position at AEW first!" Big E responded to it by saying, “Like that episode of Seinfeld where George purposefully gets stains on Babe Ruth's jersey and drags a World Series trophy through the parking lot, I couldn't get fired if I tried."